For over a decade, I was 100% determined!  I dug in deep to find the best formula to build healthy self-esteem in kids, teens AND adults...
I found it!!
Now it's time to share it with you.
If you're ready, say, "Yes!"
-Dr. Simone Alicia
5-Star Coach, Speaker & Founder of

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Kids, teens and adults from schools, nonprofits, small businesses and large corporations... everyone... has done this before and choose Dr. Simone because she has a knack for solving problems.  It's a good thing to wonder how she has gotten such consistent results.

Dr. Simone uses her wildly magnetic personality, contagious sense of humor and results-driven attitude to make you go inside and transform your negative (or stuck) mindset.  You could learn this now, anyone can do this!  And it probably already feels good just knowing that Dr. Simone has such a great track record of success in raising self-esteem, increasing positivity, shifting attitudes and improving behavior!

Can you imagine a time when your children, your whole family and you are feeling more relaxed and on the same page? Check out the features that are available for you and now you realize you have more resources than ever before.

Online courses 

Results based approach

Coaching from Dr. Simone

You could start right now

Live Group Coaching, online 

Embedded NLP techniques

Easy, Interactive, Fun

Integrate new skills

Proven success tools

Access from home

Go at your own pace

You can do this easily

Neuro-Linguistic Programming, also called NLP, is "how to use the language of the mind to consistently achieve your specific and desired outcomes."
It is a form  of Integrative Psychology used to program brain behavior using language and other types of  subconscious communication methods to  "recode" the brain’s responses, ultimately creating new and improved behaviors.
Dr. Simone is a certified NLP Practitioner and member of the Association for Integrative Psychology who uses a combination of coaching tools to help clients along the path to successful change.

What is Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)?

Group Coaching. Online Courses. Guest Speaking.

About Dr. Simone Alicia, D.D,h.c.

The Self Esteem Doctor is a Motivational Speaker & Coach who transforms individuals and mesmerizes audiences with her magnetic personality, amazing energy and relatable sense of humor.

Dr. Simone does not work as a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist.  Instead, she is a personal coach and speaker who holds an Honorary Doctorate in Divinity (self-directed spiritual and metaphysical studies) as well as her NLP Certification and membership within The Association of Integrative Psychology.

Dr. Simone has successfully helped countless people to improve the way they think and feel about themselves, and their lives, using a powerful blend of Neuro-Linguistic Programming*, universal laws as well as other highly effective coaching tools.


"My mission is to give you real world tools, tips & techniques to help you transform your life.

By focusing on using simple, fun & proven methods, I help you to renew your feelings of confidence, purpose, hope and empowerment."- DrSimone Alicia, D.D hc

*Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is an approach used to program brain behavior using language and other types of  subconscious communication methods to  "recode" the brain’s responses, ultimately creating new and improved behaviors.


What are the options?

ONline Courses
& coaching

Dr. Simone offers inclusive online courses & online coaching for everyone: kids, teens and adults.

Kids are encouraged to join the online academy while teens and adults do the one-on-one coaching.

The Self Esteem Doctor offers global access to online classes & group coaching to get you further along your path of success!

  • Variety of online courses

  • Interactive with visuals

  • Online coaching support

  • Based on proven techniques

Keynote Speaking:
youth & adults

Schools, Small Businesses, Large Corporations, Religious and Non-Profit Organizations & other community groups hire

The Self Esteem Doctor to appear as Keynote Speaker for many types of large scale professional events.

Available for travel anywhere in the USA and Internationally! 

  • Conferences/Conventions

  • Corporate Training

  • Public or Private Events

  • Breakout Sessions

Exclusive Empowerment Parties

Dr. Simone can also be booked for smaller group gatherings and events throughout the year...

depending on availability.

These entertaining, high-energy workshops, seminars & empowerment parties reduce stress while increasing feelings of confidence, self esteem & inspiration!  

  • Group Workshops

  • Seasonal Conferences

  • Video/Telephone Seminars

  • Empowerment Parties 





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