dr. simone's 2017 summer conference

thank you to our contributing sponsors!

Once again, Dr. Simone's Summer Self Esteem Conference was a huge hit!

The attending Kids, Teens and Parents left the conference feeling energized, capable, and inspired to live "Confidently Where I Belong!"

"Thank you all so much for contributing to another successful Annual Self Esteem Conference! I am grateful beyond words that parents and sponsors continue to support our mission promoting and maintaining healthy self-esteem for kids and teens! See you soon!" - Simone Alicia, The Self Esteem Doctor

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33 Ways to Reduce Stress & Raise Self Esteem.

Read all the way through to pick your favorite tool for reducing stress or simply take one-per-day like an emotional vitamin supplement to help with self-esteem development.

Confidently Where I Belong 

These poetic words of wisdom by

The Self Esteem Doctor reminds individuals of all ages that everyone has a different calling in life, and inspires each of us to follow our own path with confidence and certainty.


The Appreciation Game.

This game reprograms negative mindsets & encourages more positivity by practicing your ability

to list and/or discuss things you appreciate based on the card you select.

Confidently Where I Belong Daily Affirmation Cards

These cards have great daily reminders and lessons for enhancing self belief.

When used correctly and consistently you will create a positive routine that boosts confidence and self esteem.

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