Pint-Sized Resolutions: 

Kids Coming Together in Harmony, Self-Love and Pure Old Fashioned Fun

Aventura, FL, January 5, 2018. The first Self-Esteem Play Dates are being launched at the Courtyard Marriott and hosted by The Self-Esteem Doctor Simone Alicia.


In response to what she has playfully termed, “pint sized resolutions” from her very young Aventura clients, Dr. Simone is leading play dates focused on building self-esteem throughout 2018.


Dr. Simone has become a household name throughout the Aventura area and she says that she is simply responding to what her 5 - 13 year old clients have expressed in private sessions with her.  


She says, “My clients just want to enjoy being kids, make friends and have fun, but some of them are filled with the fear that everyone else has it all figured out and they somehow have it all wrong.  Their anxiety is often through the roof and the self-esteem is on the floor.  More than anything is the debilitating fear of being left out of the group or worse, not being “cool!”


Dr. Simone goes on to say that she designed the play dates as a way for kids to have tremendous amounts of fun learning about self-esteem together, while sharing a positive environment and leaving drama at the door.


Sticking to these pint-sized resolutions isn’t like an ordinary day in the classroom though. The Self-Esteem Doctor has filled her play dates with real opportunities to play, create and have some good old fashioned fun.  


When asked why she wanted to address these big, often serious needs in a play date, Dr. Simone replied strongly, “They’re kids!  ...and the research suggests an unmistakable power of play in cognitive development for children.  I really want them to get this, so we’ll practice through play until they improve their ability to focus in positive ways about themselves and others. They need this. We all do!”


Dr. Simone

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