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Hi! I am Simone Alicia, The Self Esteem Doctor

You are going to love the work I do with your kids!

I teach tools that really help improve the way we are all thinking and feeling about ourselves, our abilities and our lives. That's right, it's all about improving self-esteem, and it works! I even wrote a little jingle to help kids remember, wait until you hear your kids sing it.


I love focusing on kids because they need a strong foundation of self and personal value in order to thrive in today's world.  More positive attitudes lead to more positive behaviors, relationships and coping skills too. Not only do they need this, but they actually want it!


I am a Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, an Honorary Doctor of Divinity and a member of the Association for Integrative Psychology. I have mastered the art of reprogramming thoughts and unlocking the power we have inside to improve and nurture a healthier self-esteem, especially in our kids. I make it fun, I make it memorable, and I make it work!

You will learn more about me in the FAQs once you decide to join the academy. Go ahead and learn more about this awesome course & let's talk soon!

Online KIDS Course

at The Self Esteem Doctor Academy

The Easy Self Esteem Builder is giving kids (age 7-12) the step by step "HOW"to increase self-esteem & motivation, improve communication & manage social situations all by using 4 complete video lessons, worksheets, interactive demonstrations, survey questions, live coaching options & more.

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Kids need this now!

Course Layout

Segmented for Ease and Retention!

The Easy Self Esteem Builder is presented in segments to allow students to absorb the content more easily and retain what they've learned long-term.

Segment One Available now!

Valuable to all Learning Styles

Recorded in High Definition for quality viewing, using visuals and clear explanations, the course appeals to visual, auditory and even kinaesthetic learners.  For those who prefer a hands on approach, the course offers printable posters and online games as well as demonstrations using props that can easily be duplicated at home.

What's included with each lesson?

Printable Posters

Online Word Search

Reflection Questions

Online matching game

Interactive Video Lesson

Learning Readiness Questions

Additional Recommended Resources

Live coaching (*if a student is signed up for that option)

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important and relevant topics

Across all segments


These lessons and tools have a proven track record of success with kids

Over a dozen relevant topics coming soon in various segments to improve mindset and more

Engaging and interactive video lessons

Based on Neuro Linguistic Programming Principals and other holistic coaching tools

Includes printable worksheets, posters & games


Includes top-of-the-line parent resources


Lessons include demonstrations and visual examples to increase long-term retention.

One month of weekly group coaching online LIVE with Dr. Simone answering your questions

BONUS: Lifelong access to the course

the best parenting approach is to start preparing our kids for the future, now!

It works!

Parents have seen results

more testimonials

"The kids couldn't wait to tell me about it this morning. Awesome job! It really stuck with them."

Dad of 5 and 8 year old in Orlando,FL

"He really liked it. I would like him to join every {class}."

Mom of 14 y/o Broward County, FL

"It was great, he was very happy. We watched it together and we laughed and it was very good."

Mom of 10 year old in Miami Beach, FL.

"It was great and I was surprised that {she} seemed to be enjoying it as much as she did and asked to join again!"

Mom of 10 year old in Miami Beach, FL.

About the kids:


they ENGAGE,


They won't wait to grow up, so you shouldn't wait to get started!

What is The Easy Self Esteem Builder?

The Easy Self Esteem Builder is a course designed by The Self Esteem Doctor for kids (age 7-12). The course features 4-video lessons plus an abundance of support materials, like worksheets, reflection questions, games and resources to help kids on a steady journey of self-esteem building.  The foundations of the lessons include Neuro-Linguistic Programming and other coaching tools that have brought success to countless kids who've worked with The Self Esteem Doctor.

What age is The Easy Self Esteem Builder for?

Elementary aged kids (Age 7-12) will tend to enjoy the playful way that the class is presented. Middle school kids are also in the perfect place to benefit from the tools as they take on the changes and challenges that accompany the middle school years.  We also think even older kids can enjoy it as well, depending on their personalities, self-esteem needs and level of maturity. 

In the News

The Self Esteem Doctor's successful work with kids has gotten the attention of the media for the past several years with her extraordinary approach to building self-esteem.

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Each Lesson's Coaching Content

is Valued at $150 each

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$40 per lesson

The course features 4 complete lessons expertly packaged together, each featuring video content, games, posters & more...

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Money Back Guarantee

You have a 3-Day (72 hour) Money Back Guarantee on the course. That's 72 hours including weekends and holidays.  If you decide to give up access to the content, resources and games, simply send an email to with "Cancel My Course" in the subject line. No questions asked.

They won't wait to grow up, so you shouldn't wait to get started now!

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