Empowerment Parties

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Whether you're a child or an adult, learning together with friends can help everyone to feel a greater sense of connection and support.

For the Kids Empowerment Party, it's endless fun to get friends together  to work on areas like confidence, focus, teamwork, avoiding drama, dealing with anxiety, preventing meanness within friendship groups and more.... all taught with fun games and activities.

The Ladies Night Empowerment Party can look quite different each time. You can gather a bunch of fun (and slightly stressed out) moms who want tools for helping and/or managing their kids. You can have a group of professional women or female entrepreneurs looking to stay confident and positive as they build their businesses.  There can even be sisters, cousins or other family/friend groups wanting to bond and support each other through day to day life or specific challenges.

Check out the details below & fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page to request a party.

*​Availability is limited on this exclusive service.

*Remember to enroll in TSED Academy to keep the learning going for all!



Great for:



Family gatherings

Dinner parties

& more...


Sample lessons/activities:

Hoola hoop ice breaker

Appreciation card game

Self esteem and respectful behavior

Affirmation musical chairs

Self-esteem and friendship

Paper Ice-cream activity

Fill myself and share with others sticker-game

“Goal” Fish

Problem solving attitudes & Much more…


Sample Outcomes:

Feeling confident, less anxious and ready to face the difficult situations. Having tools/ideas to implement immediately

This is a private party just for your kids and their friends (boys and girls)!   Pick your date, pick your time and let your child(ren) play positive mindset games and learn compassionately with friends!


Great for:

Dinner parties

Get togethers


Book clubs,

baby showers,

Surprise birthdays

& more...


Sample lessons/activities:

Powerful tips

Set “success-rules” for your life

Vent/unwind about issues

Decision making strategy, personal and professional

Language tricks to influence others


Sample Outcomes:

Feeling relief, support, less stressed and more confident in difficult situations.  Having tools/ideas to implement immediately

This is a private event just for you! Pick your date, pick your time, gather your friends/colleagues and let yourself unwind, get great tips and de-stress!


Schedule Kids Party

Schedule Ladies Night

Send request via contact form below!

Subject: Empowerment Party

$250 for up to 6 ladies

$45 per additional guest

Food/Drinks not included

Travel fees may apply

Send request via contact form below!

Subject: Empowerment Party

$250 for up to 6 kids

$35 per additional child

Food/Drinks not included

Travel fees may apply

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