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What is The Easy Self Esteem Builder?

The "Easy Self Esteem Builder" is the Primary Course Featured in The Self Esteem Doctor Academy Family Membership.


Course Features

  • LIVE class recordings

  • Support Worksheets 

  • Reflection Questions

  • Consistent Live Online Coaching With Dr. Simone

  • Additional resources to keep your kids on a steady path of building self esteem, confidence & emotional development

The foundations of the lessons are based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming & other Mental + Emotional coaching tools that have consistently brought successful results to countless kids who have been coached  by The Self Esteem Doctor.

Who is The Self Esteem Doctor?

The Self Esteem Doctor is a a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner named Dr. Simone Alicia, D.D,h.c.  


She is a Five Star Coach and entertaining Keynote Speaker who has gained a powerful presence in the child & teen self-help community based on her swift transformation results and  her ability to truly CONNECT with kids.


The demand for her work grew exponentially which led to creating new ways to reach everyone who was seeking her unique HIGHLY EFFECTIVE, RESULTS-BASED coaching techniques!

Her solutions was to create a way to start saying yes to E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E by providing easy-access resources based on her unique and highly successful coaching style... And so The Self Esteem Doctor Academy was born.


No longer limited to helping one child at a time, Dr. Simone now has extended her reach to help every willing family!

How can I get an idea of what the course will be like before I buy?

You can check out the two preview lessons which are available for free.   The"Welcome Message from Dr. Simone" and "Self Love Basics Part 1" are both TOTALLY FREE for you to preview in the "Easy Self Esteem Builder" so you can learn and experience what the course is all about.

How much is it and do I have to pay
for the full course up front?

The 1-year Membership with Lifetime Access to content and 12 months of LIVE GROUP COACHING with Dr. Simone (PLUS the recordings) is only $75/month for 12 months.  


That's only about 18 BUCKS a week for TONS of content plus Live Coaching!

btw, That's way cheaper than therapy, but you already knew that  😉

What if I don't like the course?


There are no refunds, but you can CANCEL ANYTIME!

We encourage you to watch the two (2) available preview sections in The Easy Self Esteem Builder so you know what you are getting.  (The Welcome section and Self-Love Basics Pt 1.) We also urge you to lean on the weekly group coaching as an extremely high value item that is worth sticking around for!

What age is The Family Membership for?

Elementary aged kids (Age 6  to 11) will tend to enjoy the playful way that the class is presented. Middle school kids are also in the perfect place to benefit from the tools as they take on the changes and challenges that accompany the middle school years.  We also think even older kids can enjoy it as well, depending on their personalities, self-esteem needs and level of maturity.  Check out the sample class to get an idea of the class format

Do parents need to participate?

It is strongly recommended by Dr. Simone that parents learn along with their kids.  Not only does this allow parents to have the tools to support their kids during hard times, but this also helps kids to feel supported by their parents on this very important self esteem building journey.

How long does The Family Membership last?

The Family Membership will release one lesson/tip/tool per week.  Dr. Simone HIGHLY recommends focusing on your tools a minimum of 1 (one) time per week to keep the momentum going and practice the strategies consistently. At this rate, you would have 1 year of easy and steady self-esteem focus.  


This method maximizes long-term retention, growth and consistent application in real life situations.

How long will I have access to the entire course?

You will have LIFETIME access to the course as a bonus gift to you!  (Only 1 year access to the Group Coaching Calls -but lifetime access to the recordings.)

What if we have questions about what we are learning?

You will have access to weekly group coaching calls directly with Dr. Simone, The Self Esteem Doctor, creator of this course. Group coaching means all enrolled students and parents log on to a live webinar with Dr. Simone one time per week together as a group. You can ask questions anonymously, share stories & obstacles, watch additional lessons, tips and tools... and generally get extra support that Dr. Simone is known to provide in her private coaching practice.

You are encouraged to attend weekly so you can hear from others who are on this journey just like you and get your own questions answered as well. Remember, you will be ANONYMOUS, so you can ask very specific questions while maintaining your privacy!

How long will I have access to these calls?

In the Family Membership, you will have access to these live weekly group coaching calls for 1 year from your enrollment date.  You will have lifetime access to the recordings of the coaching calls that you sign up for.

Are the weekly group coaching calls one-on-one?

No, the weekly group coaching calls are for all the students enrolled in the course. We will all be on the call together.  Please remember, you will be anonymous (your face will not be seen), so you can ask very specific questions via microphone or typing in the comments during the webinar. 

What if I want to join the call, but I don't want everyone to see me or know my questions?

Your camera will NOT be shared during the call so no one will see you.  You will sign into the call with your full name, but only Dr. Simone can see it.  When you join the call your microphone will be automatically muted, so no one can hear you unless you "raise your hand" in the program and ask to be unmuted.


This is a safe environment, discretion & privacy is strictly maintained by Dr. Simone, your personal details will NEVER be shared without your consent!

If you press the button to "raise your hand" Dr. Simone will usually say your first name to let you know you are unmuted and able to speak, then, everyone on the call will be able to hear your voice. You will also have access to type your questions in the comments/chat box.

Don't see your question?

Just ask! Send a message to 

Dr. Simone & her team will get back to you as soon as possible!

Seen enough?!

Dr. Simone Alicia is a 5 star

rated Mindset Coach &

Inspirational Speaker.


She specializes in shifting

mental & emotional patterns

with kids & teens to achieve lasting results.