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One on One Sessions & Private Retreats with Dr. Simone are highly personalized experiences in which Neuro-linguistic programming, other forms of integrative psychology, general coaching strategies and the power of physiology are used to effect change at the subconscious level.


Sessions are exciting and unique - with techniques like emotional freedom tapping, anchoring, visualization, present moment awareness, directed relaxation exercises and laughter are all working together to awaken your subconscious mind to more easily welcome change!

This is not psychology, psychiatry or therapy, it's coaching and mental conditioning through Neuro Linguistic Programming.

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Program Snapshot

Who is this program for? 

Kids(age 6+), Adults, Families, Professionals Individuals, Friends

Simplified Objective

Help clients to improve positive emotions and behaviors

Session Lengths

1 hour session

90 minutes sessions

2 hour retreats

Delivery Method

In person - Aventura, FL

Video Chat - Nationwide and International

Primary Tools

Neuro Linguistic Programming, perspective shifts, reframes, language, tonality, mindset shifts, focus exercises, and more.

If you are interested in benefiting from any of these areas, then a private session is for you.

  • Goal Setting/Achievement Strategies

  • Self Esteem Building Exercises

  • Confidence Boosting Activities

  • Inspirational Content

  • Positive Self Talk Enhancement

  • Keys to Achievable Outcomes

  • Personal & Professional Stress Management 

  • Increased Motivation

  • Positive Attitude and Communication

  • Empowered Mindset

  • Shift mindset

  • Minimize stress

  • Reduce negativity

  • Increase clarity

  • Inspire peace

  • Create Positive Rituals




Telephone Consultation, 15 minutes — FREE

Available by Appointment   | Click here to schedule

An optional telephone consultation can be scheduled to speak with The Self Esteem Doctor before scheduling your first session.


NLP Plus: Basic Kid Coaching Session, 1 hour — Packages Available

Discounted for Children age 5 - 12   | Click here to schedule a consultation

The Basic Kid’s Session is designed for children and can include games, projects, songs, drawing, videos, etc (where appropriate) to assist the session outcomes.

NLP Plus: Basic Teen Coaching Session, 1 hour — Packages Available

Discounted for Teens age 13 to 17   | Click here to schedule a consultation

The Basic Teen Session is designed to relate to teens on their level and can include conversation, relatable teen content, anecdotal stories, age-appropriate games that mirror their interests

NLP Plus: Basic Adult Coaching Session, 1 hour — Packages Available

Adults age 18 and over   | Click here to schedule a consultation

The Basic Adult Session is designed to speak to mature subject matter and utilize higher level NLP techniques to achieve outcomes.

Client Contact Between Sessions are billed at regular hourly rate — varies

Client contact consists of ANY of the following reading of documents/emails/messages, replying to urgent questions, "what should I do right now," maintaining steady motivational calls and messages during high stress times, checking in during 'crisis' situations. Client calls that exceed 15 minutes are also billed at regular hourly rate.  One 15 minute client call and a simple message/email is complimentary as related to a single corresponding session.

Overtime on 15 minute consultations/check ins

Calls that last 1-15 total minutes = FREE

Calls that last 18 - 25 total minutes = $25

Calls that last 26 - 35 total minutes = $50

Calls that exceed 36 total minutes are billed at full price depending on your session type 



Mini-Retreat, 2 hours — $ 300

All ages, however parents must be present for children under 10 (or children with behavior concerns)

Click to schedule a call

This can be an individual or partner session for 1 to 2 people. Pairs can be made up of friends, mom-daughter, siblings, coworkers, etc.  Location is determined by the guest(s).  Locations beyond the Aventura Area could incur travel fees.

Empowerment Party/Playdates, 60 minutes (plus up to 30 extra minutes for set up/break down)  — $ 250

All ages, up to 6  kids |  $35 /additional  Click to schedule a call

Empowerment playdates are private visits that are made to your home or location of your choice.  Anytime you schedule a playdate with your kids and their friends, you can invite The Self Esteem Doctor to spend 60 minutes playing empowerment games, doing hands-on activities and bringing the friends together in positive ways... teaching & building self esteem in the process.  More information...

Mom Empowerment Social, 60 minutes (plus up to 30 extra minutes for set up/break down)— $ 250

Moms/Women/Female Teachers  | Click to schedule a call

up to 6 ladies  |    $45 / additional 

This is an morning or evening of female empowerment geared towards moms, and perfect for all women.  Together we share, learn, get great advice and powerful tools to de-stress and feel centered and capable...over beverages like tea, coffee or wine.  More information...


Upcoming Events & TSED Talks

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