ONline Group Coaching

  • Inclusive because every child deserves help
  • Accessible because everyone is welcome
  • Valuable because the tools have proven success
  • Supportive because parents get guidance too
  • Helpful because kids and families see results
  • Powerful because kids actually enjoy learning

The Obvious Choice Because It Works!


Option #1

The Full Guided Experience

Get a Family Membership at TSED Academy.

You'll get the Easy Self Esteem Builder (ideal for kids age 7-11) paced week by week for one year along with support materials.

WITH 1 year of coaching included!

Option #2

The All Up Front Experience

Get the Easy Self Esteem Builder by itself (ideal for kids age 7-11). The entire course (16-topics with 5+ sections in each) is delivered up front so you go at your own pace. WITH 16 weeks of coaching included!

Option #3

One Step at a Time

Skip the courses altogether and simply jump on to the weekly coaching sessions as you feel the need!  Warning: Sessions will reflect on some course content that you/your child won't be familiar with, but can benefit from anyway.

Sign in now to look around. It's FREE! 

You only invest in the coaching & the courses you want.

What are the dates for the online group coaching?

Kids & Families

Currently scheduled for Sundays at 6:30pm EST


Currently scheduled for Tuesdays at 7:00pm EST

NOTE: We are intensely aware of the possibility of scheduling conflicts, so we are openly accepting your feedback as to dates/times that will work for you & the majority of our students & we are eager to change/add dates accordingly.

The sooner kids start learning and practicing the tools, the sooner you could see results. If this fits, then I'll see you at the Academy.

Headquartered in Miami, Florida. USA, 1 754-229-9309

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