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Part 2

Q & A and Review

2/17/19 @ 10am

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February 17, 2019


Self-Love Basics

This Session is a free valentines day gift for EVERYONE!! 

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Let's do this for the kids.

They are going to get REAL tools to understand and build self esteem so they can improve all around! Help them feel happy, capable, included and way less anxious!!!


Please help me spread the word to cousins, friends, neighbors, your school ...EVERYWHERE!


The other day I actually had a client tell me that she knows I am coaching her friend and she can actually see a BIG difference in her! (Of course I cried!) This stuff works...and all I want to do is spread more love and more success to more kids.


Please do what you can to spread the word far and wide.

See you Sunday!...and thanks for your help!!

General Session Details:

  • Not just a "class," it's a coaching session!

  • Coaching content is tailored specifically to the kids that are registered in the session.

  • Providing weekly self-development tools for kids

  • Different topic each week, focused on self-esteem, attitude and mindset

  • Webinar format, Dr. Simone is shown, but kids faces not shown

  • Exclusively taught by Dr. Simone D.D, h.c

  • This online session format has successfully been conducted with a wide variety of ages including school age kids and young teens (may be preferred by younger kids age 6-12 ...and also older kids with more playful personality, age 13+)

  • Interactive so kids will be able to select answers, raise their hand and even talk on the mic

  • Parents encouraged to follow along, but not required for older kids

  • FREE recording sent to everyone who registers

See the full list of other weekly session topics & prices here.

Sessions, Clips and More

Customizing for each child:

Preparing for Session

Before each session, Dr. Simone collects the data that parents share during registration in order to personalize the session experience.  This way your child is having his/her specific needs addressed in a very discrete and highly effective way! This video is an impromptu 'interview' from Dr. Simone's 7 year daughter who was with her while she prepared everything. Sign up and tell Dr. Simone what you need.

Funny Demonstrations

From Session One (1):

How to Believe in Yourself

Session One was all about how to believe in yourself.  Dr. Simone gave the kids an amazing tool and by the end of the session they all mastered how to use it!  Humor gets the kids engaged and helps them internalize and retain the information. It's best to attend the sessions live, but if you missed this one, you can download the recording here: 

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Interactive Games:

From Session Two (2):

How to Stay Positive,

Even When It's Hard

Session Two was all about searching for positivity when it's really hard to do!  Dr. Simone dressed up as a detective for this one and, as always, engaged the kids in a game show to test (and improve) their skills.  It's best to attend the sessions live, but if you missed this one, you can download the recording here:

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From Session Three (3):

How Make Good Choices

Picking the right track to good choices was the focus of Session 3.  Dr. Simone used her usual dramatizations and a train as her prop to create lasting representation of every child's power to pick the right track (choice) in their lives. It's best to attend the sessions live, but if you missed this one, you can download the recording here:

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More Session Videos

Session 4:

Less Complaining More Appreciating

Session 5:

Recognize Your Value

Session 6:

How to Build Healthy Friendships

Session 7:

Expressing Yourself: Positive Communication

You'll be glad your kids were a part of it!