No more waiting for kids who are needing help NOW

Aventura, FL, December 16, 2018 - Countless kids in the city of Aventura will finally be getting off of The Self Esteem Doctor's wait-list; gaining access to one of the top NLP kids coaches around, at the launch of her new online group coaching sessions this Sunday, December 16, 2018.

The Self Esteem Doctor, Simone Alicia, is known for her quick work with improving attitudes and behavior for kids of all ages.  With that, she's also known for having a 2-month wait list for families seeking her services.

This online launch is the answer to a high volume of requests from Aventura and surrounding areas where Dr. Simone lives and provides highly personalized private coaching. 

     "Parents would hear about the results their friends were getting or see a child they'd known for years          suddenly behaving differently and the community started to talk. Then my calendar exploded!"

Dr. Simone goes on to say that although the massive growth has been exciting, there was a slight frustration with not being able to help everyone who was calling. So she meditated on a solution and recognized that the path was paved for her to take her work online.  

Starting at 10am this Sunday morning, kids and families will no longer be waiting as they happily join Dr. Simone online for coaching on hot topics such as confidence, friendships, motivation, releasing anxiety, believing in yourself and so much more.

If you're looking to join the powerful wave of positive transformations in Aventura -  from anywhere in the world, visit to get all the details and to sign up!




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