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Private Coaching

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Our Online Academy is taking the place of most one-on-one sessions. Here are all the details:



Private one-on-one sessions with Dr. Simone are very limited and will be going away. Soon, one-on-ones will be fully replaced by our pre-recorded academy resources & academy advisors instead.


Dr. Simone will be dedicating more time to creating content, keynote speaking around the world, contributing to positive media and dedicating time to homeschooling her children.

The massive benefit to you and to the world is outstanding!  Clients will now have 24-hour access to online resources which, if used properly, can help create the habits, rituals, & routines for an independent, empowering & lasting approach to successful self-esteem growth. 


The one-on-one sessions with Dr. Simone are extremely limited and are available by appointment only. The exact end-date of Dr. Simone's one-on-ones are not yet confirmed, but if you are not actively taking classes in the academy, any session you schedule in Dr. Simone's calendar will be cancelled and refunded.  If you schedule sessions more frequently than recommended by Dr. Simone, those unapproved sessions will be cancelled and refunded.

Access to the online academy is available right now.... 24 hours a day, 7 days a week anywhere in the world with internet access at


Dr. Simone and The Self Esteem Doctor team are committed to fair access for all.  So, our online resources are for kids, teens, parents, educators, professionals and more.  There is something for everyone....and more being added every day.


How to access Dr. Simone's coaching tools right now...

Option 1: Easy & Self-Guided

In most cases, clients will simply visit our academy here, then select their favorite classes and begin their self-esteem building journey.


Option 2: Simple with Some Guidance

In many cases, clients will fill out this form to get a free empowerment plan so they know exactly which classes are best for their self-esteem building needs.

Option 3: Group Coaching

In other cases, clients who want to meet with Dr. Simone directly will gather a group of peers and do a private group coaching session online with Dr. Simone. Learn more about group coaching here.


Option 4: Referral for One-on-One Coaching

In some cases, clients who are referred to us by previous clients for coaching will take the following steps (while they are still available).

1) Client will do an initial one-on-one session with Dr. Simone (available worldwide on Zoom, $200 for 1hr).  Dr. Simone will listen, build rapport, teach and suggest academy classes for the client.  In some instances, clients will be asked to fill out this form to help create the optimal plan. Schedule your session here.

2) The client will watch the recommended classes in the academy daily or weekly and have access to contact their advisor for general questions. Join the academy here.


3) A limited number of additional one-on-one sessions with Dr. Simone can be arranged as suggested by Dr. Simone - usually once every couple of months for a limited number of months.  Client MUST BE WORKING IN THE ACADEMY or future sessions will be cancelled & refunded. Client must also schedule based on Dr. Simone's recommendations. If a client schedules additional unapproved sessions, they will be cancelled & refunded.

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