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Online Courses...

Based on Highly Successful Techniques

Dr. Simone's Newest and most powerful resource! Find a course for you (more courses are being developed and added as we speak).  Work at your pace, with video lessons and easy to use tools and resources at your fingertips!

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Online KIDS Course Plus...

Weekly Coaching with Dr. Simone!

Giving kids tools to raise self-esteem & motivation, improve communication & manage social situations using live class recordings, worksheets, interactive demonstrations, survey questions & more, Includes LIVE GROUP COACHING calls each week!

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This social media page is growing FAST & is a powerful resource for daily inspiration, tools, ideas & information.

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Using affirmations is an extremely powerful tool for everyone!  Let's give the kids a start with the FREE Affirmations App.  Download Here!

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You First. Balanced Mom, Balanced Teachers, Balanced Kids (Podcast)

It starts with you mom! Do you really want to get the best from your kids?...Behavior, attitude, choices, believing in themselves?... Yes?...Good! Let's start with You First.

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Improve Attitude Now!

This game is all about restructuring the way our kids are thinking.  In school or at home with family, playing this game creates a platform for a more positive mindset.

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This amazing parent resource is a FREE webinar provided by Amy MCready. You will get real tools to try out and you might even feel like a brand new parent after you watch it!

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33 Real Tools You Can Use Now!

This book maps out 33 easy ways you & your kids can reduce stress/anxiety and improve self-esteem. Try a new way everyday! 

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