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One-on-One coaching sessions with Dr. Simone are a premium service.

Sessions are primarily online, but in-person, concierge services are available in some cases.

If premium and concierge coaching services are what you are looking for, please scroll down to access the scheduling calendar.  (In most cases clients have spoken to Dr. Simone before scheduling.) If one-on-one premium/concierge coaching is not what you are looking for, please explore our online academy for 24/7 on-demand, self-paced coaching resources, here instead.

Who are premium & concierge sessions for?

Kids   |   Teens   |   Adults   |   Professionals

Any topic dealing with negative emotions (anger, sadness , fear, etc...), negative self-talk, behavior, mindset, body image, attitude, goals, outcomes, thoughts, self-development, performance, confidence, dealing with change, recurring negative thoughts, and more...

Our sessions are not designed for major clinical diagnoses such as bipolar disorder, multiple personality disorder, major depressive disorder, and/or other severe clinical disorders. 

Every Session is:

100% Results driven

Engaging, attention-getting, and holistic

✓ Uniquely delivered based on individual client needs

✓ Founded on Neuro Linguistic Programming Techniques

✓ Supported by elements of Neuro Science and Metaphysical Science

✓ Inclusive of games, anecdotes, interaction, tips, tools, and resources

✓ Followed by clear communication of progress, expectations, and next steps.

Frequency & Duration

After your first session, Dr. Simone will advise you as to how many sessions you may need. Typically we encourage clients to prepare to have 1 session per week for 3 to 4 weeks to start.  After that, Dr. Simone will recommend additional sessions, as needed, based on your progress and goals.

Additional Support

All clients are asked to join our "resource hub" which we call The Self Esteem Doctor Academy.  It is an online collection of resources to help you between sessions and beyond. Joining is FREE, and although we do offer paid courses, many resources are also FREE.

Session Options

Currently, sessions are primarily conducted online due to Dr. Simone's filming, speaking and travel schedule.  However, she offers a concierge in-person service for those who require in-person sessions.  There are several perks to the concierge service including meeting in your own home, weekend scheduling, and extended time in each session with Dr. Simone. See the calendars below for additional details.

General Pricing

NLP coaching can range drastically in price based on experience, results, expertise, notoriety, and a variety of other factors for each coach.  The typical price for coaching at Dr. Simone's level of expertise can range from $500 to $1500 per session - and more. Below you will see that Dr. Simone has chosen the mid-point price range, per session, for in-person coaching and has kept her online coaching session lower than the standard.

Starting at only $200 per session. Payment is required to complete/confirm scheduling.

↓ Scroll down to schedule the option that works best for you. ↓

(if you have questions, please send us a message or schedule a consultation here)




$200 ($550)

1 Session

One-on-one, Online Only

1 hour Session Time

Select Weekdays Only

Online Resources Available - prices vary

Click calendar below to schedule your session.

Or check out the other in-person, at home option

Due to Dr. Simone's schedule one-on-one zoom sessions may be limited at certain times.  The 24/7 availability of online resources in the academy, are intended to provide uninterrupted support on your self-esteem building journey.

Grey Limbo



$750 ($1,250)

1 session 

One-on-one, In person

1 Concierge Visit in Your Home (South Florida)

~ Travel Fees apply for out-of-town ~contact us ~

Longer Session Time (approx. 90min-2hrs)

Flexible meeting dates - including weekends!

Hands-on materials included (as needed)

Enhanced in-person engagement, such as....

Mirror Work, Eye pattern elicitation, Resource anchors, Grounding and Heart measuring tools, working with mudras, clearing techniques, etc...

Select Online Resources Included at no Add'l Cost

Click calendar below to schedule your first session.

Or check out other online-only session option.

Due to Dr. Simone's schedule, concierge services may be limited or unavailable at certain times.  The online sessions and 24/7 availability of online resources in the academy, are intended to provide uninterrupted support on your self-esteem building journey.

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