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"The kids couldn't wait to tell me about it this morning. Awesome job! It really stuck with them."

Dad of 5 and 8 year old in Orlando,FL

"He really liked it. I would like him to join every {class}."

Mom of 14 y/o Broward County, FL

"It was great, he was very happy. We watched it together and we laughed and it was very good."

Mom of 10 year old in Miami Beach, FL.

"It was great and I was surprised that {she} seemed to be enjoying it as much as she did and asked to join again!"

Mom of 10 year old in Miami Beach, FL.

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Got questions?

What is the Self Esteem Doctor Academy?

This academy, also called TSED Academy, is an online platform for delivering The Self Esteem Doctor's powerful and proven self-esteem coaching techniques. 

Who is The Self Esteem Doctor?

The Self Esteem Doctor is a a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner named Dr. Simone Alicia, D.D,h.c.   She is a Five Star Coach and Mesmerizing Keynote Speaker who has gained a powerful presence in the self-help community based on her outstanding and swift transformation results.  The demand for her work grew exponentially forcing her to consider news ways to reach everyone who was seeking her coaching style and results.


Her solutions was to create a way to start saying yes to e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e by providing easy-access resources based on her unique and highly successful coaching techniques. And so The Self Esteem Doctor Academy was born. No longer limited to helping one child at a time, Dr. Simone now has a Global reach to help every willing family.

What age is The Self Esteem Doctor Academy for?

The goal is to have age appropriate content for families with kids age 7 to 17. At some points there may be more classes geared toward one particular age group, however, as the Academy grows we aim to have a plethora of courses and classes for all ages (7- 17).  Please check back regularly for new courses.  New courses will also be announced on Instagram.  The intended age group of each course is included in the course name.

How do I know what each class is about and if I'll like it?

All courses have a preview that you can watch. It will either be a sample portion of the class content or a Welcome video from Dr. Simone.  There will even be free resources available.  Keep an eye out for those so you can try before you buy.

What is The Easy Self Esteem Builder?

The Easy Self Esteem Builder is the flagship course at TSED Academy.  It is available by itself in a 16 week course or within 1 year Family Membership (with other classes, support & material). This course is designed for younger kids (age 6 or 7 to age 11 or 12).  

Do parents need to participate in the courses/classes?

It is strongly recommended by Dr. Simone that parents learn along with their younger kids (12 and under).  Not only does this allow parents to have the tools to support their kids during hard times, but this also helps kids to feel supported by their parents on this very important self esteem building journey.  Teens will likely do best on their own, but they need to know parents care and are willing to accompany them on this journey.

How long will the courses take?

Each course length varies. Please check each course for detailed timelines.

How long will I have access to the courses I purchase?

You will have FREE lifetime access to the course as a bonus gift to you!

But the length of access to Live Group Coaching with Dr. Simone will vary depending on the course you choose.

What if we have questions about what we are learning?

You will have access to weekly group coaching calls directly with Dr. Simone, The Self Esteem Doctor, creator of this course.  Some courses come with group coaching included and others do not. You will have the option to purchase group coaching calls at any time.

How long will I have access to these group coaching calls?

Please visit the courses to see which ones include coaching calls, they will indicate the length of time you have access.  You can also purchase a seat in the coaching calls as you go, as frequently as you'd like.

Are the weekly group coaching calls one-on-one?

No, the weekly group coaching calls can be accessed by all TSED Academy students at once. We will all be on the call together. Please remember, you will be anonymous (your face will not be seen), so you can ask very specific questions via microphone or by typing in the comments box during the webinar. 

What if I want to join the call, but I don't want everyone to see me or know my questions?

Your camera will not be shared during the call so no one will see you.  You will sign into the call with your full name, but only Dr. Simone can see it.  When you join the call your microphone will be automatically muted, so no one can hear you unless you indicate in the program that you'd like to be unmuted.  Dr. Simone will usually say your first name to let you know you are unmuted and able to speak, then, everyone on the call will all be able to hear your voice.  You will also have access to type your questions in the comments/chat box.

How much is it and do I have to pay for the full course up front?

Course prices and payment options vary for each course. Log into the Academy for free to see course prices and payment options.

What if I don't like the course?

Based on the feedback we have received, we feel that you will be satisfied and excited with the courses we offer.  We encourage you to watch all previews and free classes before you buy.


We also urge you to lean on the weekly group coaching as a high value item that is worth sticking around for (if included in your selected course)

However, if you still have questions about refunds, visit each course's FAQ page to see the refund policy of each course or class.  Generally there are no refunds on the single classes and specific refund policies on the larger courses. 

How many courses do you offer?

The number of courses is growing rapidly.  Please log on for free to see courses that are available and coming soon.

Don't see your question?

Just ask! Send a message to and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

The sooner kids start learning and practicing the tools, the sooner you could see results. If this fits, then see you at the Academy.

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